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May 31, 2022

Pain in Earlobes?

Are You Feeling Pain In Earlobes?

Are You Feeling Pain In Earlobes?

Are you feeling pain in Earlobes while wearing Studs, Hoops or heavy Earrings?

Are You Feeling Pain In Earlobes?
Pain in Earlobes

Make & Manufacture of the jewellery piece

Often people complain of pain in ears after wearing Gold Studs or Hoops. This is common when girls wear heavy earrings. Because of the heavy weight of the earrings, the earlobes get stretched and they start to ache.

However, when someone wears light weight studs or hoops, the reason for pain in the earlobes is not weight of the jewellery. To understand the reason we have to dig deep into the make and manufacture of the jewellery piece. It is often found that the thicker push back wire or screw is the main culprit. If the earlobe hole is smaller than the earrings push-back wire or screw’s diameter, then it can be easily worn without even realizing that the hole is smaller than the push wire. It is because of the soft tissue of the earlobe, the penetration through the lobe hole is not very painful while wearing the piece. But after prolong wearing, the ears start hurting, without any apparent reason for the same.

The slight difference in the diameter of wire and hole is what you have to observe closely from next time onwards. Whenever you feel the pain after wearing light weight earrings or hoops.

Pain in Earlobes

Extra tight Push-back or screw -back

Secondly, another reason for earlobe pain after wearing earrings or studs is extra tightening of push-back or screw-back. This often happens unknowingly, to protect the studs and earrings from falling off or the push-back from getting lost. Many of us push the screw or push-back a bit extra, thereby pressing the earlobe, which hampers the blood circulation in the lobe and it starts hurting.

To avoid such a situation, the optimum placement of the push-back is important. The perfect balance is when your studs or earrings are sitting properly on the earlobe and push-back placement is such that you cannot see the push wire from the front due to loosening of the stud.

If you can take care of the above two things, then one should be able to save herself from a lot of pain and sufferings due to jewellery wearing.

Why Wearing Hoops All The Time Is Not Advisable

Why wearing hoops all the time is not advisable

On several occasions like first-time piercing or birthdays, kids receive Hoops or Bali as a gift from their grand-parents or parents. As a result, hoops become an integral part of their jewellery collection. As a matter of fact, wearing hoops occasionally is never a problem, rather it looks great on kids and adolescents or teens. The problem arises when they keep on wearing hoops year after year without realizing the fact that the continuous hanging of hoops gradually increases the diameter of the earlobe piercing hole. The problem of elongated piercing hole is observed mostly in the middle aged women, because of the fact that the tissues in the body starts loosening a bit as we age.

Pink Pearl Hook Earrings in 18K Gold

Hook Earrings

Something similar happens when ladies / girls wear excessive of Hook Earrings. Although, they are easy to wear and take off. This is the reason why working women prefers them, quick and easy to wear and pull out.

But they are always handing on the earlobe putting very slight pressure which is not noticeable in a short period of time but prolonged use can do some irreversible damage to your earlobes.

The reason why we advise our clients to wear alternately hooks, hoops and studs, to prevent the earlobe damage. The weight of the studs is not totally on the hole of the earlobe, it is balanced by the push-back or screw-back. So, if you are a die-hard hoops lover and can’t give up hoops wearing, we advise you to occasionally switch between studs and hoops / hooks. By doing this simple switching, you can protect the stretching of the earlobe piercing for a longer period of time.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a pair of diamond studded hoops or hook Earrings from Giri Collections.

But don’t forget to switch them occasionally with studs (we have a wide variety in that range as well)

Happy Jewellery Wearing Gorgeous!

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