Jewellery Care Tips

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Jewellery Care Tips

Solitaire Care Tips

Solitaire Care Tips

Caring for your Jewellery

Tips To Care And Clean Your Jewellery

Every piece in Giri Collections is crafted with utmost care in our workshop and deserves a proper care and maintenance

How to preserve your Gemstones Jewellery
  • The Gemstone may get permanently damaged after coming in contact with acids. So, as a thumb rule, always keep your jewelry aside while working with chemicals in a lab.

  • Gemstone studded jewellery should be avoided exposing to sudden temperature difference. Special care should be taken while working in an oven or bar-be-que, where temperature is very high. Soft stones like Opal, coral etc. develops cracks when exposed to such high temperatures.

  • Keeping your studded jewellery on your car dash is also not a good idea, As the temperature inside the car can reach very high, if parked under the sun during summers.

  • Regularly check the claws of the rings for any wear and tear. A simple way of protecting the claws from wearing off too quickly is by rotating the ring occasionally. This way, all the claws will wear off evenly and gradually, which is better than complete wearing off a single claw which destabilizes the entire setting of the precious gemstone.

How to Clean

Use a soft cloth

Taking out time to care for your precious jewellery after wearing can significantly reduce tarnishing; hence, it can last you a lifetime.

Preserve your Jewellery

1. Cleaning

Clean your delicate Diamond jewellery occasionally. Wipe gently with a soft cloth after using moisturizers or perfumes. 

2. Storage

When not in use, it is best to store your jewellery pieces in airtight zip bags or soft anti-tarnish pouches. Ensure that all the pieces are kept separately to avoid tangling and scratching.

3. Activities

Delicate fine jewellery is not meant to be worn during activities such as sports, swimming, gardening or cleaning

4. Chemicals

Direct contact with perfumes, lotions, hair sprays or any other harsh chemicals should be avoided.

5. Protection

Protect your pieces from sharp blows, scratches and abrasives.

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