Is buying best quality Birthstone / Astrological Gemstone always best?

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August 5, 2022

Is buying best quality Birthstone / Astrological Gemstone always best?

Natural Emerald

Natural Emerald

Why buying the best Birthstones / Astrological Gemstones is not always the wisest decision?

Most of us, when we plan to purchase a birthstone for ourselves or for our near and dear ones for the first time, are inclined to buy the best quality gemstone. After consulting an astrologer, or a recommendation from a friend or family member about the magical influence of a birthstone in their life, it is obvious to give it a try and experience the magical turnaround themselves. But, when one is totally pumped up, he/she is tend to commit a mistake of buying the best gemstone. Unfortunately, which is the most expensive one as well. Thereby, spending a fortune out of their pocket, hoping the gemstone will bring back more money and prosperity in their lives, right after wearing the gemstone / birthstone.

This high expectation of magic happening right after wearing the gemstone is where people generally tend to go wrong. Ironically, life is a gradual process and when they don’t see things moving as fast as they hoped for them to move, they tend to feel demotivated. Hence, remove the ring or pendant studded with the astrological gemstone.

A sense of “stupid purchase” cripples their mind, which hampers overall mental well being. To avoid such scenario, it is advisable to go for a medium quality birthstone or gemstone to start off with. Then further observe if it is working for your betterment and overall well being. If by grace of God, you feel prosperous and make a fortune, then there is always an option of upgrading your birthstone to top notch quality with the newly earned / acquired fortune.

This approach of buying a medium quality first, then upgrading it to top quality birthstone can save you from feeling disheartened. You don’t regret, if things doesn’t turnout to be according to your expectation. It is always a good idea to first experience the effects of the gemstone and then make a final decision for going for the top quality piece.

Happy, informed and evaluated jewellery shopping. Best wishes.


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