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Birthstones, with lifetime buy back assurance

Get inspired by our Natural Certified Birthstones, especially meant for Astrological purposes

Birthstones are Natural Gemstones which are associated with the date of one’s birth. Birthstones are considered to bring good luck and health. The natural energy found in birthstones can well aligned with your energies and work on healing your mind. It heals and boost confidence, when it is associated with your body. It rejuvenates your soul and help solidify relationships.
The wearing of birthstone jewelry is thought to bring good fortune, success, improved health and relationships.
Certainly, several criterias are taken into account. The value of a gemstone would depend on several factors such as origin, color, clarity, cut, size, purity, hardness and rarity. Therefore. these factors are also evaluated to classify Gemstones. Is best quality Birthstone always the best?

The quality, rarity and the beauty of the colors distinguish the Precious Gemstones. The Nine precious gemstones, also known as Navaratna includes:

Fine Gemstones and High Jewelry lovers can think of Gemstones investing. Precious gemstones have a good history of increasing in value over time. When the stock market is declining and currency is losing value, gemstones tend to be a reliable store of value. Moreover, Gemstones are also compact, portable and private.

However, several factors and characteristics in the quality of the stone decides the Gemstone pricing and value.

The range of Semi-Precious stones offers an infinite palette of colors and shades. These are much wider than all the colors of the Precious Gemstones put altogether.

The best known of these are:

Their prices are comparable to precious gemstones because of their exquisite color and brilliance.

The term “Semi-Precious Gemstones” does not necessarily reflect value, as they can sometimes be more expensive than some Precious Gemstones. Moreover, few Semi-Precious Gemstones are rarer and are just as beautiful as Precious Gemstones.

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